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Fundamental Investors

Disciplined, Rigorous Due Diligence

Our active investment management style integrates fundamental bottom-up research, direct company interactions and our proprietary Quality + Value + Business Momentum framework. We utilize diversification and position size control as risk management tools. 

Fundamental Analysis

Initial Screening of Global Universe

We use quantitative tools to screen the global universe of about 40,000 companies based on the level, trend, and volatility* of various quality-focused financial metrics, including financial quality, revenue growth and net income growth.


* Volatility is a statistical measure of the dispersion of returns for a given security or market index.

Company Due Diligence

Next, we apply qualitative analysis and quantitative tools to identify companies with quality business models, strong earnings per share growth and valuations that we believe are favorable based on earnings metrics.

Direct Company Interactions

Because we are long-term investors, we use calls and visits to evaluate management quality, best-in-class status or potential, and other qualitative characteristics.

Earnings Model

For companies identified as high potential, we build a fundamental earnings model to assess growth potential.

Competitive Analytics

We evaluate the company against its global peers by sector and geography. Our goal is to understand the relative attractiveness of the business model against competitors.

QVM Scoring

For companies identified as high potential, we assign quality, value and momentum scores as a way of standardizing company assessments. By adding this data to our analytics platform, we’re able to use our proprietary models to interpret and leverage actionable intelligence on companies.

Multiple Minds

We believe that tapping into the collective experience and insights of our research team can lead us to enhanced decision making.

Portfolio Construction

The portfolio managers use the quality, value, momentum (QVM) framework for position sizing, portfolio construction, risk management and buy/sell discipline.

Long-term Investing

As long-term investors, we strive for low turnover of positions. We are continually reviewing and assessing our portfolios against new investment opportunities and additional information gained through ongoing due diligence.

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We’re Long-Term Investors with a Buy-and-Hold Philosophy